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Welcome to TwitterCat – your destination for effortless Twitter video downloads straight to your device.

Recent shifts in Twitter's landscape, driven by Elon Musk's X Corp. acquisition, have ushered in exciting changes. Users can now upload longer videos – up to a remarkable 2 hours and 8GB. Despite this advancement, navigating through these extended videos with Twitter's basic controls can be a bit of a struggle. Resuming from where you left off is a hassle, and the limited controls leave much to be desired.

This is where TwitterCat steps in: Your remedy for a seamless experience. When confronted with these extended videos, and if you're looking for a smoother way to engage, our service comes to the rescue. We empower you to download and enjoy videos offline, using your preferred video player with superior controls and functionality.

Here's the deal: To save one of these lengthy Twitter videos, all you need to do is copy the tweet's URL/link and paste it above. Our tool gets to work in a flash, extracting the Twitter-to-MP4 link, and you can track its progress through a handy loading bar. Once it's done, you can effortlessly save the video to your computer, Android device, or iPhone.

At TwitterCat, we're all about respecting copyright rules and promoting ethical video sharing. Every video you download is sourced directly from Twitter's CDN, guaranteeing adherence to regulations and a dependable experience.

Elevate your Twitter video journey with TwitterCat. Bid farewell to annoyances and limitations, and welcome seamless offline video enjoyment on your terms. Take charge of your video experience with

Download Twitter/X video

Option 1
  1. Copy the Post Link: Find the Twitter post with the video you want to download.
    - Click the "Share" button on the post and select "Copy link to post."

    - Or, if you're using a web browser, copy the URL from the address bar.

  2. Paste and Click Download: On the TwitterCat homepage, paste the copied link into the provided field. Click the "Download" button.

  3. Choose and Save: You'll be taken to a page with the video player and resolution options.

    Pick the resolution you prefer, then click the corresponding download button. Once the progress bar is full, save the video to your device.

Option 2: For Browser Users
  1. URL tweak: Open the Twitter post containing the video you wish to download. In the browser's address bar, locate the URL starting with "".
    Modify the URL by adding "cat" after "twitter" before ".com", like this:
    Original URL:
    Modified URL:
    Press "Go" or "Enter" on your keyboard to confirm the modified URL.

  2. Choose and Save: Instantly, you'll be redirected to a new page featuring the video player and resolution options.
    Choose your desired resolution, and tap the corresponding download button.
    Watch the progress bar complete, and once finished, save the downloaded video to your device.
    See Option 1: Choose and Save